Chemyst Tuition Centre

IP Chemistry Tuition
by Mr Prakash.

Effective IP Chemistry Tuition for Singapore students from ACSI, MGS & SJI.
*Head-start classes for 2024 from November 2023*

Dedicated chemistry classes solely for the Integrated Programme of ACSI, MGS & SJI

Bridging the gap between IP and IB curriculum.

Classes offered

Sec 3 - Chemistry IP
Sec 4 - Chemistry IP

Classes are designed for each respective schools IP chemistry curriculum. 

The classes are for IP students from ACS (Ind), MGS and SJI (Ind) going on to IB Diploma. 

Tutor - Mr Prakash

Highly sought after IB Chemistry Tutor in Singapore who has extended his classes to Integrated Programme (IP) Chemistry for Yr3/4 students.

14 years of tutoring experience.

B.Sc Honors (2nd Uppers) in Chemistry (National University of Singapore)


Parent's Review
Testimonials from ACSI, MGS & SJI students who have benefited from IP Chemistry Tuition
Since 2011

Statistics of IP Students


enroll in HL Chemistry at IB


End up doing Chemistry External Essays (EE) for IB.


Attain 7 in IB Exams


Enroll in top universities for Medicine, Engineering and Science related courses.

Boost Your Grades with Top-Rated IP Chemistry Tuition for ACSI, MGS & SJI Students

Are you an ACSI, MGS or SJI student struggling to grasp the complexities of IP Chemistry? Do you find yourself falling behind in class and yearning for a way to boost your grades? Look no further! Our top-rated IP Chemistry tuition program is specifically designed to help ACSI, MGS or SJI students excel in this challenging subject. With years of experience and a proven track record of success, Mr. Prakash is here to provide you with the guidance and support you need to achieve your academic goals. His tuition program is tailored to suit the unique curriculum and requirements of ACSI, MGS or SJI, ensuring that you receive the most relevant and comprehensive education. From mastering chemical equations to understanding the intricacies of chemical bonding, Mr Prakash will break down complex concepts into manageable chunks, making learning enjoyable and effective. Don't let IP Chemistry hold you back any longer - enroll in our top-rated tuition program and watch your grades soar!

Overview of the IP Chemistry curriculum at ACSI, MGS & SJI

The IP Chemistry curriculum at ACSI,MGS & SJI respectively is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in key chemistry concepts and principles. It covers a wide range of topics, including atomic structure, chemical bonding, stoichiometry, thermodynamics, and organic chemistry. The curriculum also emphasizes practical applications and encourages students to think critically and analytically. By familiarizing yourself with the topics and expectations of the IP Chemistry curriculum, you can make an informed decision when selecting a IP chemistry tuition provider that aligns with your educational needs. Mr Prakash's expertise lies in understanding each school's IP Chemistry curriculum thoroughly.

Choosing the right IP Chemistry Tuition provider

Choosing the right IP Chemistry tuition provider is crucial for your academic success. With so many options available, it's essential to consider certain factors before making a decision. First and foremost, look for a tuition provider that specializes in IP Chemistry only and has a track record of success. Check their tutors' qualifications and experience to ensure they are well-equipped to teach the subject effectively. Additionally, consider the class size and teaching methodology. Smaller class sizes allow for more personalized attention, while interactive teaching methods make learning engaging and enjoyable. Lastly, take into account the reputation and reviews of the tuition provider. Testimonials from past students can give you valuable insights into the quality of education and support you can expect. At Chemyst, Mr Prakash solely focuses on IP Chemistry tuition which leads to IB Chemistry programme. He has total of 14 years of tutoring experience with the most up to date teaching methods and effective communication skills to engage students. Classes sizes are at the maximum six student per session. 

Additional resources and support available in IP Chemistry Tuition

In addition to personalized instruction, IP Chemistry tuition programs often provide additional resources and support to enhance your learning experience. These resources may include textbooks, lecture notes, practice exercises, and online platforms. Take advantage of these resources to supplement your classroom learning and reinforce your understanding of key concepts. Additionally, Mr Prakash's tuition providers offer support outside of regular class hours, allowing you to seek help and clarification whenever you need it. Whether it's through whatsapp or online zoom consults, these additional support channels can further enhance your learning journey.


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